Davidson County Community College
Student Success Resources

Enriching and improving your life begins with access to the resources you need.The following are documents and links to resources and tools to help you be a successful DCCC student. If you have any questions or need further information, please contact your academic advisor. Or visit the advising center.


Davidson Campus, Mendenhall Building, Student Success Center, 2nd floor

Contact Information: 336-224-4705  Email: advise@DavidsonCCC.edu

Mandy Allison: Mandy_Allison@DavidsonCCC.edu

Nancy Bringman: Nancy_Bringman@DavidsonCCC.edu

Jasmine Hargrave: Jasmine_Hargrave@DavidsonCCC.edu

Rachel Adner Mitchell: Rachel_Adner@DavidsonCCC.edu

Elaine Sill: Elaine_Sill@DavidsonCCC.edu

Tiffany Wilson: Tiffany_Wilson@DavidsonCCC.edu

Kendra Willson: Kendra_Willson@DavidsonCCC.edu


Davie Campus, Mocksville, NC


Bonnie Jones: Bonnie_Jones@DavidsonCCC.edu

Sandra Porter: Sandra_Porter@DavidsonCCC.edu




Advising Syllabus 2016-17

Making Appointments in Starfish


Registering on Student Planning

Ten Habits of Successful
College Students


Student Success Presentation


Using Student Planner