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The TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) is a federally-funded program that offers extra support and assistance for 160 qualified students each academic year.The SSS staff wants to help students succeed in reaching their academic and career goals. The TRIO Student Support Services mission is to increase the graduation and transfer rates of students. The program offers both one-on-one and group-based services. All of the services are free for program participants. 

Who Qualifies?

  • “First-Generation” college student (meaning that neither of the student’s parents have received a bachelor’s degree before the student’s 18th birthday)
  • “Low Income” college student (qualifies for PELL GRANT)
  • Student with a disability (official documentation required)
  • Students interested in SSS must complete an application and return it to any staff SSS member.

Trio Application


Counseling sessions are a very important part of the services offered in the TRIO Student Support Services. Counseling discussions are held individually and occasionally in a group setting. Many of the program students are experiencing college life for the first time. Special efforts to encourage, inspire, and strengthen student’s academic performance is a high priority for the counseling staff. To schedule a counseling session, call Audrea Lindsay at 336.249.8186 extension 6799.