Friday, August 22, 2014 - 2:20pm

Accounts and passwords: You may reset your StormTrac password from the college website by visiting StormTrac > Forgot Password.  You may reset your desktop and Colleague password when you are prompted.  You can email for assistance with any password issues you may have.

Is this a valid Email?  One of the most common questions we receive about email is whether or not an email is valid.  Emails intended to steal your personal information (phishing) come to a user with a subject such as "Mailbox full action required".  How do you know if it is valid?  The first thing to check when you receive an email is the sender of the message.  If the sender's address does not end in then most likely the message did not come from the college.  You may report these message to the IT department and we will determine if the message is a campus wide issue or if it only affects a small number of users.  Depending on the number of users affected a message will be sent to the campus notifying users of what action to take.

Do not allow browsers to "remember you" in labs or at podiums:  Please do not allow browsers to store your username and password on podium or lab computers.  If you select yes to a prompt such as "Do you want this computer to remember you?" on a podium computer in a classroom, the next users will have access to your information, such as email, Moodle or any personal sites you may use.  Be sure to log out of any site you have visited and close all browsers before leaving a classroom.

Cleaning Up Contacts in Email:  Sometimes users send a message to someone at the college and receive a "message undeliverable" message or when you look someone up you do not find the address you were looking for or cannot find someone.  A good example of this is with name changes.  When we process name changes usernames change therefore email addresses change.  The reason you may still see an old email address is due to your frequent contacts.  Like most email programs Google stores email addresses you frequently "send to" in your contacts.

To clear this up, from the top of your inbox select the application grid on the right > Contacts > look up the bad email address > More > Delete contact.  Log out and back in and you should no longer see the old email address when you look that person up to send an email or meeting invitation.