Small Engine Repair: Introduction*

This small engine repair course carefully details the many systems, tools, and parts involved in successful repair. You will also learn the essentials for performance measurements and preventative maintenance, as well as an opportunity to work on your own small engine needs. In addition to the technical training, students will also learn more about career opportunities in this line of work from a veteran of industry with more than 20 years of experience. After learning the basics, this program uses a complete “tear down” and rebuild of a 4-cycle engine to demonstrate and teach the maintenance and repair of small engines. You will walk away knowing: how to disassemble and reassemble a 4-cycle engine, why and how to adjust the governor, making carburetor adjustments, selecting the best oil and gas types for the season and for your equipment, and understanding and avoiding common problems like vapor lock. This course is ideal for anyone looking to start their own business or for anyone looking to save money by performing their own repairs on equipment such as lawn mowers, chain saws, snow blowers and more.

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Sinclair Building Room 126


January 15, 2019 - April 25, 2019


Tuesday, Thursday


6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.


Last day to enter: 1/22/2019. Participants must bring their own small engine equipment to class and purchase their own supplies.