This five-DVD set contains the Nursing Assistant I procedures required within the Nurse Aide I Model Curriculum for North Carolina.  Note: The NNAAP competency testing procedures are included in this series.

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5-DVD set includes: 

DVD 1:  Personal Care Skills

Providing Complete Bed Bath
Gives modified bed bath
Dressing and undressing
Dressing client with affected (weak) right arm
Provides Perineal Care (Peri-Care) for Female
Makes an Occupied Bed
Making Occupied Bed
Provides Foot Care on One Foot
Providing Fingernail Care on One Hand
Provides Mouth Care
Providing mouth care for unconscious resident
Providing mouth care for Cognitively Impaired Resident
Assisting with denture care
Cleans upper or lower denture
Assisting with oral hygiene (minimal assistance from nurse aide)

DVD 2:  Personal Care Skills/Infection Prevention & Control

Assisting resident with shaving
Caring for hair
Giving tub bath or shower
Giving back rub
Hand Hygiene
Putting on and Taking off Complete PPE
Donning and removing PPE (gown and gloves)
Disposing of equipment from unit with transmission-based precautions
Collecting specimen from resident under transmission-based precautions

DVD 3: Measurements/Elimination

Measuring combined vital signs: oral temperature, pulse, respirations and blood pressure
Counts and records radial pulse
Counts and records respirations
Measures and records blood pressure
Measuring and recording oral temperature (non-mercury glass thermometer)
Measuring apical pulse
Measuring blood pressure (electronic)
Measures height and weight
Measures and records weight of Ambulatory Client
Measuring axillary temperature (non-mercury glass thermometer)
Measuring rectal temperature (non-mercury glass thermometer)
Measuring temperature (electronic or tympanic thermometer)
Collecting routine urine specimen
Assists with Use of Bedpan and measures and records urinary output
Assists with use of bedpan
Measures and records urinary output
Providing catheter Care and Emptying urinary drainage bag
Provides catheter care for Female 

DVD 4:  Elimination/Hydration & Nutrition/Mobility

Assisting with use of bathroom
Assisting with use of bedside commode
Collecting stool specimen
Applying and caring for condom catheter
Administering cleansing enema
Assisting with Dining
Feeds client who cannot feed self
Performing relief of choking
Performing range of motion exercises
Performs passive range of motion (PROM) for one knee and one ankle
Performs passive range of motion (PROM) for one shoulder
Transfers from bed to wheelchair using a transfer belt
Positions on side
Moving up in bed using turning sheet
Assisting to ambulate using cane or walker
Assisting to dangle, stand, and walk
Assists to ambulate using a transfer belt

DVD 5:  Mobility/Treatment

Applying restraints
Applying safety belt restraint
Using mechanical lift (Hoyer)
Transferring from bed to stretcher
Assisting to Move up in bed
Applies One Knee-High Elastic Stocking
Applying warm or cold applications
Applying elastic bandages
Assisting with coughing and deep breathing exercises
Applying non-sterile dressing
Performing postmortem care
Applying/Removing Adult Incontinent Wear