DCCC Unveils New, Redesigned Website

Jan. 10, 2013 – Davidson County Community College announced today a newly redesigned website that complements many of the college’s academic offerings and services. The website, davidsonccc.edu, is designed to be more user-friendly, with useful links to help with site navigation.

“Our new website has many new features and tools that are helpful to current and prospective students, as well as others looking for information about the college and its offerings,” says Terri Poindexter Smith, executive director of Marketing and Communications for DCCC. “Our intent was to streamline the content on our site to help guide prospective students.”

The site serves a wide audience, says Poindexter Smith, so the college took a very prospective, student-centered approach during its design phase. “We hope it’s easier to navigate and more intuitive,” she says. “It also includes less editorial content and is more interactive.”

The site features five major links near the top of the page, where users can find an untold amount of information – whether its news and updates, information about how to apply for courses and financial aid, or services and activities available on campus.

“For example, a prospective student looking for information about how to apply can find all the necessary steps spelled out on the website. In fact, it includes a simple checklist,” Poindexter Smith says. “All the links on the site are aimed at not only informing our community, but also ensuring that users explore the site with ease.”

“The site is also mobile-friendly, which makes it simple to access the site from your smartphones and tablets. The overall redesign has made it more accessible for our tech-savvy audience,” notes Jared Bowman, interactive Web designer at DCCC. “We approached this redesign in a forward-thinking manner to not only serve our primary audience, but also our students, faculty and staff.”

Other points of interest on the site include:

·         Featured students who serve as ambassadors for certain programs and content, as well as personal accounts from the students themselves regarding their own academic journey at DCCC.

·         Integration of social media, with quick and easy access to the DCCC Facebook page, Twitter and YouTube. The site also includes a link to Moodle, an educational platform that allows educators to conduct online classes and supplement classroom learning.

·         “Career Coach,” a section that takes users to a free online database of local wages, employment, job postings and associated education and training. “The Career Coach is open to any user of the website, says Poindexter Smith. “This tool has great value for the entire community.”

·         A “Live Support” feature for users who have questions about DCCC or available programs, courses, enrollment and more. The option takes users to an area of the site where they can chat with a DCCC representative.

“We have a diverse audience, and we wanted a site that would appeal to all our users,” says Poindexter Smith. “We have a lot of remarkable things happening at DCCC, and the redesigned website now reflects our vibrant campus life.”