DCCC Students Present Eye-Opening Facts as Part of International Issues Day

International Issues Event

April 3, 2013 – Davidson County Community College students enrolled in Interpersonal Communications and Cultural Studies took the opportunity to share information about critical issues facing countries around the globe during the recent International Issues Day, held on the Davidson and Davie campuses.

Students in the class, taught by faculty member Sylvia Walters, were tasked with choosing as a class project an issue currently facing a country. As part of the assignment, students researched their chosen country’s issue, what has been done to resolve the project, as well as what they can do to improve the lives of their fellow citizens around the world. The class then presented their findings to the campus, as well as members of the community.

“Some of the issues students researched are the same as we have here in the United States, and some are more extreme,” Walters explains. “For example, human trafficking is not considered a major issue here in the United States, but it does exist in an underground culture here.”

Student Chad Hughes brought attention to the problem of homelessness in America – an issue which he feels is often overlooked. “We can help by donating money and time to homeless shelters,” Hughes says. “We take for granted everything that we have but don’t necessarily need.”

Chelsea Jernigan discussed HIV/AIDS in Uganda and displayed a photo of the child she and her husband sponsor from that nation. “I’m doing this in honor of him and his family,” Jernigan says. “Early HIV detection, abstinence for teenagers and having only one partner are being taught to try to slow the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the country.”

Other issues covered by students included earthquake relief and child slavery in Haiti, illegal adoption and human trafficking in China, water crises in Ireland and Guinea, domestic violence in Afghanistan, genocide in Bosnia, women’s rights in Saudi Arabia, child abuse in Japan and the economic crisis in Greece.

The presentations provided alarming details to those who attended, such as Brian Segers, who attended the event along with members of his history class.

“There’s a lot of information here about children and the abuse and hiring them out as labor,” Segers says. “You don’t really realize how many countries are in the same boat and need some type of help.”

And student Sandra Smith was surprised by the information on human trafficking.

“I just wasn’t aware of the extent of human trafficking,” Smith says. “It was eye-opening to learn this problem is so prevalent.”

*Editor’s Note: Pictured from left to right are Kaitlyn Mote, DCCC student, and Michael Drake, former DCCC student. Both attended the International Issues Day on the Davidson Campus.

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