DCCC offers right choice

Nelson Beam

Article reprinted from the Lexington Dispatch

April 15, 2015: Editor: Many seniors in high school are faced with the question community college or university first. Students fresh out of high school would benefit more by going to a community college rather than a university first. There are numerous benefits that come out of attending a community college for the first two years, then transferring to a university or college.

I decided to attend Davidson County Community College for at least the first year. Not only does the college allow most of the same courses as other universities at a lower cost, it is more one on one and closer to home. The lower tuition cost is what really pulled me to DCCC. But one factor I have noticed that the community college does that other universities don't is the ability to study abroad when an individual is a freshman. I have not only looked into the Central European trip planned for 2016 but other trips as well.

Even though my time at DCCC will be brief, due to my acceptance at Appalachian State University for the fall of 2015, I have not only saved thousands of dollars but I have also gathered so much knowledge that will help me in the long run.

Many high school students don't seem to have the logic or common sense to think outside the box and look at the long-term effect. They suffer from tunnel vision and only see what they want to. The freshman retention rate according to U.S. News Education states that one in three college freshmen will not return for their sophomore year. When being placed in a university-type setting, individuals tend to get overwhelmed and are not as focused as they need to be in order to pass all of their courses. At a community college, students can still stay at home but have somewhat of the same college experience, just with not as much partying and more studying.

It is a fact that most freshmen will transfer out of community college after the first year of studying. Most will never return to receive a degree from a university, but others will return to find that their expectations were not met at the university they attended. Attending a community college gives students the chance to study a broad variety of courses that will ultimately help them decide a career path.

I do not regret this past year at DCCC and would not go back and change my decision. Actually, I would confidently say that my decision to attend DCCC over Appalachian for the first year set me on a path tailored just for me.

Nelson Beam