DCCC to Offer Scholar of Global Distinction Program

June 24, 2013 – Learning to be globally aware in this day and age is not only important, but imperative to remain competitive in the 21st century environment. Starting this fall, Davidson County Community College will offer students the chance to earn the distinction of “Global Scholar” on their college transcripts, preparing them to be engaged and successful global citizens. 

The program offers students a chance to enroll in globally intensive courses, such as foreign language, world civilizations and geography, international cultural exploration and business. Certain sections of courses such as English, math and psychology will also be infused with global content. Students will be required to attend international Passport Events on campus throughout the semester. The third component of the program is to complete a study abroad or domestic intercultural experience.

“Our mission in this program is to help develop engaged global citizens who are better-prepared and successful in our increasingly interdependent world,” says Suzanne LaVenture, program coordinator. 

The Scholar of Global Distinction program, based on a similar program that was launched at a community college in Maryland, was established for students who want to explore the impact of culture, ethnicity, race, globalization, industrialization, environmental sustainability and access to natural and human resources through coursework and extracurricular activities, LaVenture explains.

“Once they complete the requirements, students will be awarded this honor, which will ultimately assist them with their transfer to a four-year institution or with potential employment,” she says. “Both universities and employers have expressed a keen interest in students who are globally aware and able to view things from multiple perspectives and a world view. Students earning this distinction can consider themselves ‘global citizens’ who are better able to understand the complexities of today’s world and work better with people locally and around the globe.”

For more information about the Scholar of Global Distinction program, visit www.davidsonccc.edu/academics/scholars-global-distinction or email GlobalScholars@davidsonccc.edu. 

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