DCCC Introduces Career Coach Online Program to Help Students, Community Find Potential Careers

Sept. 27, 2012 – Davidson County Community College has introduced a new program that will help not only students, but also serve as a tool for the community in helping find potential careers. The program – Career Coach – is a free online tool that is utilized by many colleges throughout the country.

“Career Coach is a valuable planning tool that we encourage everyone to use when making decisions about preparing for a new career,” says Kim Sepich, vice president of Student Affairs at DCCC. “We are happy to make it available to our students, prospective students and the community.”

The program can be accessed directly at http://davidsonccc.emsicareercoach.com/. The site provides a variety of tools and valuable information about wages, employment, trends, education and training options and related careers, as well as direct access to job postings through the indeed.com job search engine.

“It’s really quite simple to use,” explains Matt Halverson, client services administrator for Career Coach. “Users have access to browse through offerings and occupations that are connected with up-to-date labor market data. Once inside an occupation, we have broken out the labor market information to be as simple and informative as possible, including localized salary information, job postings and employment statistics for each occupation along with a ‘similar career’ section for displaced workers to help them identify some of their other options of employment.”

For example, doing a search for “accountants” in the Career Coach search pulls up wage data for the area, the number of accountants employed in the area, the estimated number of annual job openings, as well as workers approaching retirement age. The page also lists numerous links to job postings for accountants in a 50-mile radius and other similar careers – providing quick and simple access for those searching for specific careers.

One of the most notable features of the program includes the localized nature of the data, explains Halverson. “You can see down to the zip code level what folks in your area are making in a particular occupation, as well as how many are employed, and what the projected annual growth is in your community.”

“Choosing a career and a training program are not decisions that should be taken lightly, especially during a challenging job market like we are seeing,” notes Charles Mayer, director of Career Development at DCCC. “We encourage individuals to do their research and explore their options when it comes to careers and college majors.”

Career Coach was recently purchased by CareerBuilder, and the site will soon combine data and tools from each of the two sites to develop new and innovative features for Career Coach.

“The combined tools in this online program are not only innovative, but highly effective and precisely what students and folks in our community need,” Mayer adds. “The site is simple to navigate and shows users exactly the kind of career-related information they want to see.” 

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