DCCC Hosts NC Comprehensive Community College Student Government Association Central Division Meeting

March 7, 2013 – Davidson County Community College recently hosted the Central Division Meeting for the North Carolina Comprehensive Community College Student Government Association (N4CSGA), giving many students from both DCCC and around the state an opportunity to learn leadership skills, network and more. 

DCCC hosted eight community colleges at the event, which included team building activities, leadership workshops, as well as a networking luncheon. The event, notes Maria Nieto, representative for the Central Division of N4CSGA, is meant to be educational, entertaining and an all-around wonderful experience for those who participate in it.

Abigail Owens, SGA president at DCCC, who led the event with opening remarks and an icebreaker, notes that DCCC’s SGA was honored to host the 2013 N4CSGA meeting.

“When the student leaders of North Carolina come together, there’s something magical that takes place in the collaboration of fresh ideas and problem-solving solutions that ultimately result in making a difference for students at the regional and state-wide levels,” Owens says. “In short, it’s why we do what we do.”

Aaron Adkins, SGA treasurer at DCCC, notes he took a great deal of valuable information away from the event.

“I really learned a lot from the session, ‘The Impact of Emotional Intelligence on Leadership,’ and I want to learn more about myself so I can enhance my abilities in effective leadership,” Adkins says.

N4CSGA is a state level organization for all community college SGAs in North Carolina. Delegates who serve in SGA give students a voice in decisions that affect the entire N4CSGA, and in some cases, the entire North Carolina Community College system.

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