DCCC, Davidson Early College Student Zack Rierson Named Finalist in National College Match Program

Dec. 22, 2014 – Zack Rierson, a Davidson County Early College High School student concurrently enrolled in classes at Davidson County Community College, is a finalist for the 2014 QuestBridge National College Match program. QuestBridge helps high-achieving students with economic challenges gain admission and scholarships to some of the nation’s best colleges and universities.

“I was both surprised and honored to be named a National College Match finalist,” says Rierson. “I never thought I would be considered for such a prestigious honor from such illustrious universities.” 

Rierson moves to the next step of the College Match process, applying to a maximum of eight of the 35 partner colleges for consideration for early admission and a guaranteed four-year scholarship. He has received application requests from Columbia University, Northwestern University, Oberlin College, Rice College, Swarthmore University, the University of Virginia, Vassar College and Yale University. 

“My first choice is Columbia University because of its prestigious architecture and engineering programs,” says Rierson, who plans a career in architectural design and agricultural engineering. 

Rierson’s application for the QuestBridge College Match program included recommendations from DCCC English instructor Susan Scarboro and Patricia Salmons, curriculum director for the early college.

“Zack is one of the most gifted students I’ve ever taught,” Scarboro says. “He is not only the quintessential ‘best’ student but is also kind, respectful, organized and driven to succeed.”

“Zack is dedicated and determined,” says Salmons.  “This honor represents all of his efforts to go above and beyond.”

Rierson, son of Lori Rierson of Thomasville, will earn his high school diploma in May from the early college and an Associate in Science degree from DCCC. He is a DCCC Ambassador and a member of the Phi Theta Kappa honor society.

“My experiences as a student in both the early college and DCCC have helped me create relationships that are crucial in my life as far as leadership skills, communication skills and project management,” he says. “I’m ready to move on and apply these skills at a four-year institution.”

Rierson is among 4,180 finalists chosen from 11,654 QuestBridge applicants in 2014.

Editor’s Note: The attached photo is of Zack Rierson, a Davidson County Early College High School student concurrently enrolled in classes at Davidson County Community College.

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