Digital Accessibility Resources

Last Updated: 

Oct 9 2018

DCCC Digital Accessibility Resources:

Digital Accessibility Coordinator (YouTube Video - Opens in New Window)

Meet your Accessibility Coordinator

Microsoft Word Accessibility Training Videos (YouTube Videos - Open in New Window)

(2018-2109 Accessibility Goal) - Make Your Word Documents Accessible:

Step 1: Fonts, Color, and Color Contrast
Step 2: 
Meaningful Descriptions for Hyperlinks
Step 3: Alternative Text for Meaningful (Simple) and Decorative Images
Step 4: 
Tables and Lists
Step 5: 
Document Structure - Heading Styles
Step 6: 
Headings Structure Demonstration

Microsoft Word Accessibility Training Documents (Google Docs - Open in New Window)

Fonts, Color, and Color Contrast
Meaningful Descriptions for Hyperlinks
Alternative Text for Meaningful (Simple) Images
Tables and Lists
Microsoft Word (Headings and Table of Contents)
Microsoft Word (Accessibility Checker)

Digital Accessibility Videos (YouTube Videos - Open in New Window)

Accessibility vs. Accommodation
Designed for Everyone
Fonts and Color
Alternative Text for Meaningful (Simple) Images
Alternative Text for Complex Images
Practice with Alternative Text
Meaningful Descriptions for Hyperlinks
Document Structure

Other Useful Resources (PDFs - Open in New Window)

Portland Community College: Web Accessibility Guidelines
Accessibility Quick Guide
WebAim Cheatsheet for Microsoft Word 2016 Accessibility
WebAim Cheatsheet for Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Accessibility
Captioning YouTube Videos
Creating Accessible Forms in Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF

If you would like to learn more about digital accessibility, please contact:

Mary Vance,

Training Calendar (Opens in New Window)