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Oct 23 2018

2017SU Moodle Updates

Moodle Changes for Summer 2017

Active Learning

Collaborative Glossary
Moodle Workshop, Part I
Moodle Workshop, Part II
Peer Review/Moodle Workshop
SoftChalk Authoring Tool
Video Interviews: Faculty Spotlight-Cat Drader

Activity Completion 

Update Multiple Activity Completions


Add an Assignment
Grade Assignments
Grade with Marking Guides
Grade with Rubrics, Part I

Grade with Rubrics, Part II 


Create a Book
Add Files to Moodle Books

Course Administration

Activity Logs
Change Course Start Date

Course Announcements
Course Announcements Display Options
Course Format
Deleting Topics & Fixing Orphaned Activities
Restoring Deleted Items


Course Evaluations

 Access Course Evaluations

Course Design

Create White Space
Delete Recent Activity Block
Edit Topic Headings
Link to Other Moodle Activities
Link to External URL
Links: Proper Format

Entry Quiz

Restrict Access Until Entry Quiz is Complete

Files and Folders

Drag and Drop Files into Moodle
Drag and Drop folder (zipped file)
Organize Files with Folders

Upload Files to Moodle


Add Video to Forum
Effective Discussion Forums
Emails from Discussion Forums
Grading Forums with MoodleRooms Grader
Q & A Forum
Rubrics for Discussion Forums

Grade Book Setup

Grade Book Basics
Manual Grade Item
Simple Weighted Grade Book
Total Points Grade Book
Weighted Categories Grade Book


Drop the lowest grade in a category

Drop the Lowest or Keep the Highest?
Exclude from Total
Export Grades to Excel
Letter Grade Display
Quiz Grades Not Visible to Students
View Dropped Students' Grades


Finding and Citing Images
Insert Image


Import Content
Legacy Course Files
Teacher Assistant Access


Add NCLOR resource to your course


GenEd Outcomes
Course SLOs in Moodle


Creating a Questionnaire (Part One)
Creating a Questionnaire (Part Two)


All or Nothing Multiple Choice Question
Allow Extra Time for Quiz
Change Maximum Quiz Grade
Creating Sections and Shuffling Questions
Delete Questions After Student Attempt
Delete Quiz Attempt
Interactive Questions with Hints
Points for Quiz Questions
Print Quiz
Quiz Setup Part I
Quiz Setup Part II
Recycle Quiz Questions
Reopen a Quiz for One Student
Require a Passing Grade/Restrict Access

Quality Assessment

Quality Assessment Tool Document


Syllabus: Save and Email
Syllabus: Preparation


Create a Turnitin Assignment 
Grading Turnitin Assignments
Turnitin Student View
Student Instructions: View Turnitin Comments


Embed Films on Demand
Embed YouTube or Mediasite Video
Lecture Video: Faculty Spotlight-Joey Goodman