Microsoft Office 2010 Information – Tutorials

Microsoft Office 2010 has added a feature to the existing “Ribbon” interface called Backstage.  It is an enhanced version of the File Menu from previous versions.

Learn about Backstage

Recommended Online Training

What’s new in Word 2010
Create your first Word document I
Create your first Word document II
Use the Navigation Pane to search and move around in your document
Create visually compelling documents

Getting started with PowerPoint 2010
Create your first PowerPoint presentation

Getting started with Excel 2010
Get to know Excel:  Create your first spreadsheet
Get to know Excel:  Create formulas
VLOOKUP:  What it is, and when to use it
Understand data at a glance with conditional formatting

Who is using Office 2010?

  • New computers will have the option to purchase Office 2010 rather than Office 2007
  • Office 2010 will be installed on select lab computers starting Fall 2011

Features and Benefits of Office 2010

  • The file format has not changed from Office 2007 and the learning curve will not be as steep.
  • The Ribbon is universal across all Office 2010 applications and has access to more commands.  A user has the ability to remove Ribbon tabs, add tabs, or change what shows on each tab.
  • Microsoft Office Backstage centralizes access to many commonly used commands.
  • Pictures can be edited from with select Office programs.
  • Documents can be edited by two users at the same time.  A notification tells who is editing and where the changes are being made.