Healthcare Navigator (Online), 5/7/18-8/3/18

This course is designed to prepare individuals working in an appropriate healthcare setting to assist with client care coordination.  The role of the Healthcare Navigator is to provide clerical and administrative support to the Case Manager in working with patients and providers to implement a patient care plan that is achievable and manageable for the patient.  Topics include: Communication/Interviewing, Case Management, Pharmacology in addition to specific information on medical/mental health issues that are relevant to the care manager.

The registration fee will be $130.00 which includes a technology fee of $5.00.  Required texts may be purchased at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.  These books are not available in the Campus Bookstore.

Required Textbooks:

Manning, L. and Rayfield, S. (2013). Pharmacology Made Insanely Easy. Fourth Edition. I Can Publishing. ISBN# 978-0984204076.

Woodside, M. and McClam, T. (2013). Generalist Case Management: A Method of Human Service Delivery. Belmont: Thomson Higher Education.  ISBN# 978-1285173221


To register, contact the Business Office at 336-224-4545 and provide the CID 51594, MED-3006E-B1, 2018CE2.  Payment arrangements need to be made at time of registration.  The class must have a minimum of 8 students enrolled to start. 


** This is an all online class; all potential students will need to provide a valid email for registration.

Contact Info: 

Diane Hedgecock, 336-224-4791, diane_hedgecock@davidsonccc

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$130 Registration Fee + Textbook Fees






May 7, 2018 - August 3, 2018


10% Date Assignment is the completion of Assignment 1, to be completed by 5/11/18.