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Davidson Campus

Campus Resource Officers, Brooks Student Center
140 ext 6729
CRO Joey Cook 336.479.0181
CRO Tommy Martin 336.240.4442

Security, Brooks Student Center 210 ext 6274
Cell Phone 336.240.4215

Davie Campus

Security, Davie Classroom Building 102, ext 4861
Cell Phone 336.479.0204

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Last Name First Title Phone Ext Building Room Email
Nelson Martika Single Stop Support Specialist 6470 Mendenhall Bldg 203
Newhouse Donna Student Enrollment Specialist 6418 Mendenhall Bldg
Newsome Karean Faculty, Nursing - Perkins 6159 Mary Briggs Technology Bldg 232
Newton Alan Faculty, Biology 6746 Gee Bldg N217
Nichols Lachelle Student Success Advisor, Talent Search Thomasville High School
O'Donnell Ashley Academic & Student Life Advisor - Davie Campus 6162 Davie Administration Bldg 105 ashley_o'
Ocel Julia Instructional Support Staff, Academic Programs and Services 4688 Gee Bldg N137
Ogle James Faculty, Truck Driver Training Health Technology Bldg 104
Orsillo Cynthia P/T, Faculty, Lead Plus/Abe
Overbey Jenny P/T Faculty, Abe, Lead
Overton Scott Faculty, Automotive Systems Technology 6112 Transportation Technology Bldg 108
Packer Andrea P/T Faculty/Childcare Education/Curriculum 4830 Ernest Kirk Building - CDC 115
Parker Whitney Director, Child Development Center 4831 Ernest Kirk Building - CDC 100
Parks Laurie Payroll Specialist 6794 J. Bryan Brooks Student Center 227
PatracaAmores Ruth Child Development Center, Staff II Ernest Kirk Building - CDC
Patterson Randy Faculty, Criminal Justice 6319 Public Safety Services Bldg 113
Patterson Willie Custodial Services Staff 6309 Mendenhall Bldg 127
Pearce Alison Associate Professor Biology 6133 Gee Bldg S201
Pearcy Wendy Administrative Support Staff, Davie Campus 4841 Davie Administration Bldg 109
Pennell Dandie Instructional Support Staff, Health Technology 6269 Mary Briggs Technology Bldg 202
Perry Laura Faculty, Pre-Curriculum Studies 6362 Gee Bldg S206
Phelps Lucy Faculty, Biology 6378 Health Technology Bldg 105
Phillips Pat Interim Dean, School of Workforce, Continuing Ed. & Academic 4570 Gee Bldg S131
Phillips Ronnie Program Director, Basic Law Enforcement 6330 Public Safety Services Bldg 124
Pickett Londa Pt Faculty. Transition Center