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Davidson Campus

Campus Resource Officers, Brooks Student Center
140 ext 6729
CRO Joey Cook 336.479.0181
CRO Tommy Martin 336.240.4442

Security, Brooks Student Center 210 ext 6274
Cell Phone 336.240.4215

Davie Campus

Security, Davie Classroom Building 102, ext 4861
Cell Phone 336.479.0204

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Last Name First Titlesort descending Phone Ext Building Room Email
Ellison Brenda Administrative Support, Enrollment & Career Development 6260 Love Bldg LRC 206
Jackson Tammara Administrative Support, Get Real 2422209 Burlington Office Bldg
Hightower Allen Admissions Counselor & College Recruiter 6426 Mendenhall Bldg 104
Jarvis Michelle Assistant Professor, English 6153 Gee Bldg N125
Thomas Colleen Assistant Professor, Mathematics 6165 Gee Bldg S237
Guffey Kendra Assistant Professor, Mathematics 6726 Gee Bldg S238
Delk-Patrick Datra Assistant Professor, Nursing 6307 Mary Briggs Technology Bldg 207
Terrell Carleen Assistant to the President 4703 Mendenhall Bldg 217
Holmes Allison Associate Dean, Academic Programs, Davie Campus 6303 Health Technology Bldg 102
Holliday Stacy Associate Dean, Campus Innovations, Grants, & Student Succe 6763 J. Bryan Brooks Student Center 203
Mathews Rita Associate Dean, Campus Safety and Compliance 6130 J. Bryan Brooks Student Center 218
Myers Holly Associate Dean, Health, Wellness & Public Safety 4832 Mary Briggs Technology Bldg 205
Reece Rodney Associate Dean, School of Business, Engineering, & Technical 4542 Finch Bldg 212
Lawrence Jody Associate Dean, School of General Studies & Academic Suppor 6374 Gee Bldg S239
Gwillim Timothy Associate Dean, School of General Studies & Academic Suppor 4536 Gee Bldg S130
Sink Jennifer Associate Dean, School of General Studies & Academic Support 6327 Gee Bldg S224
Daley Becky Associate Dean, School of Workforce, Cont. Ed. & Academic Su 4513 Public Safety Services Bldg 123
McCullough Bryan Associate Dean, Student Records and Registrar 6345 Mendenhall Bldg 123
Pearce Alison Associate Professor Biology 6133 Gee Bldg S201
Carter Sharon Associate Professor, Early Childhood Education 6127 Gee Bldg N142
DeLosSantos Jo Associate Professor, Humanities & English 6295 Gee Bldg S104
Loflin Jerry Associate Professor, Physical Education 6228 Finch Bldg 130
Griffin Donnell Associate Professor, Psychology 6126 Gee Bldg S203
Hartle Tony Business and Computer Technology Coach 6366 Love Bldg LRC 111
Carson Takerra Business Services Specialist 6341 J. Bryan Brooks Student Center 238