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Davidson Campus

Campus Resource Officers, Brooks Student Center
140 ext 6729
CRO Joey Cook 336.479.0181
CRO Tommy Martin 336.240.4442

Security, Brooks Student Center 210 ext 6274
Cell Phone 336.240.4215

Davie Campus

Security, Davie Classroom Building 102, ext 4861
Cell Phone 336.479.0204

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Last Namesort descending First Title Phone Ext Building Room Email
Lee Katina Financial Aid Counselor 6762 Mendenhall Bldg 108
Leonard Jeff Institutional Researcher, Student Success Initiatives 6438 J. Bryan Brooks Student Center 206
Leonard Lisa Accounts Receivable Specialist 4654 J. Bryan Brooks Student Center 236
Lewis Whitney Manager Counseling, Health & Disability Access Services 6342 Love Bldg LRC 206
Lilly Danelle Faculty, Nursing 6325 Mary Briggs Technology Bldg 209
Lindsay Audrea Director, Student Support Services, Trio 6799 Love Bldg LRC 206
Liu Michael Faculty, Chemistry 6301 Gee Bldg N230
Livengood Delores Faculty, Paralegal Technology 6294 Public Safety Services Bldg 114
Lloyd Dori Director, Distance Education and Instructional Technology 6264 Reich Bldg 101A
Lockwood Sandy Instructional Support Staff, Health & Public Safety 4785 Public Safety Services Bldg 109
Loflin Jerry Associate Professor, Physical Education 6228 Finch Bldg 130
Lohr Susan Administrative Support, Continuing Education Records Compli 4555 Mendenhall Bldg 124
Louya Kristi Coordinator, Student Scholarships and Donor Relations 6263 Mendenhall Bldg 225
Lowe Teresa P/T Prof. Staff, Assist 1 4571 Reich Bldg 125
Mabe Delee PT Prof Staff, Transition Center Reich Bldg
Main Judith P/T Support Staff/Wace/Cont. Ed. 6759 Conference Center
Maines Tim Coordinator, Information Technology Services & Support 4562 Conference Center 123
Marshall Caliza Cashier Services Specialist 4545 J. Bryan Brooks Student Center 238
Martin Timothy Faculty, Computer Integrated Machining 6852 Finch Bldg 108
Mathews Rita Associate Dean, Campus Safety and Compliance 6130 J. Bryan Brooks Student Center 218
Mayer Charles Director, Career Services 6312 Love Bldg LRC 206
Mayfield Donna Pt Faculty. Transition Center
McCullough Bryan Associate Dean, Student Records and Registrar 6345 Mendenhall Bldg 123
McDaniel Rose Dean, Health, Wellness & Public Safety 4800 Mary Briggs Technology Bldg 203
McDuffie Ernest Engagement & Completion Coach 6147 Love Bldg LRC 216