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Davidson Campus

Campus Resource Officers, Brooks Student Center
140 ext 6729
CRO Joey Cook 336.479.0181
CRO Tommy Martin 336.240.4442

Security, Brooks Student Center 210 ext 6274
Cell Phone 336.240.4215

Davie Campus

Security, Davie Classroom Building 102, ext 4861
Cell Phone 336.479.0204

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Last Name First Title Phone Ext Buildingsort descending Room Email
East David 6785 Gee Bldg S201
Ocel Julia Instructional Support Staff, Academic Programs and Services 4688 Gee Bldg N137
Huneycutt Susan Director, College Transition Center, Pt Prof Staff 6495 Gee Bldg B003
Woodall Joe Faculty, Sociology & Psychology 6109 Gee Bldg N127
Beittel Rebecca P/T Faculty/Associate in Arts 6122 Gee Bldg 124
Griffin Donnell Associate Professor, Psychology 6126 Gee Bldg S203
Liu Michael Faculty, Chemistry 6301 Gee Bldg N230
Wall Anissa Director, High School Partnerships and Initiatives 4522 Gee Bldg N136
Jackson Tisha P/T Faculty, Development Math & English Gee Bldg
Scarboro Susan Faculty, English 6344 Gee Bldg B005
DeLosSantos Jo Associate Professor, Humanities & English 6295 Gee Bldg S104
Guffey Kendra Assistant Professor, Mathematics 6726 Gee Bldg S238
Flowe Rosalind Instructional Support Staff, School of General Studies & Ac 6204 Gee Bldg N129
Walters Sylvia Faculty, Communications 6229 Gee Bldg B006
Jarvis Michelle Assistant Professor, English 6153 Gee Bldg N125
Gwillim Timothy Associate Dean, School of General Studies & Academic Suppor 4536 Gee Bldg S130
Pearce Alison Associate Professor Biology 6133 Gee Bldg S201
Bosch Gerald Faculty, History 6145 Gee Bldg N123
Johnson Barry Faculty, Psychology 6408 Gee Bldg N132
Drader Cat Faculty, Humanities 6422 Gee Bldg S107
Hardee John Faculty, Mathematics 6791 Gee Bldg S236
Johnson Gloria Faculty, Mathematics 6286 Gee Bldg S235
Johnson Melissa Faculty, English - Davie 6290 Health Technology Bldg 104
Phelps Lucy Faculty, Biology 6378 Health Technology Bldg 105
Ferguson Jeff Faculty, Truck Driver Training 6288 Health Technology Bldg 106