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Davidson Campus

Campus Resource Officers, Brooks Student Center
140 ext 6729
CRO Joey Cook 336.479.0181
CRO Liz Cutrell 336.240.4442

Security, Brooks Student Center 210 ext 6274
Cell Phone 336.240.4215

Davie Campus

Security, Davie Classroom Building 102, ext 4861
Cell Phone 336.479.0204

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Last Name First Title Phone Ext Building Room Email
Adams Ron Financial Aid Compliance Officer 6409 Mendenhall Bldg 120
Adner Rachel STEM Navigator, NC Bridges to Baccalaureate 6498 Gee Bldg B007
Alfing Patricia Faculty, Biology 6211 Gee Bldg S202
Allison Mandy Academic Advisor 6299 Mendenhall Bldg 207
Andrews Jana Faculty, Pharmacy Technology 6354 Mary Briggs Technology Bldg 218
Annunziata Margaret Director, Student Success Initiatives & Instit 6706 J. Bryan Brooks Student Center 214
Ashby Teresa Information Technologist, Application Support 4751 Conference Center 120
Atkins Jeffery Physical Plant Services, Technician 6335 Maintenance Bldg 101
Badgett Sean Faculty, Welding & Industrial Systems Technoloby 6867 Sinclair Bldg 123
Banks Sherrill Library Technical Services Technician 4732 Love Bldg LRC 208
Barber Lynn Coordinator, Testing Center 6724 Love Bldg LRC 119
Barnhardt Denise Director, Human Resource Services 4662 J. Bryan Brooks Student Center 223
Beauchamp Earlie Physical Plant Services, Technician 6335 Maintenance Bldg 101
Beck Danielle Child Development Center, Staff II 6727 Ernest Kirk Building - CDC 106
Beck Donald Director, Information Technology Services 4503 Conference Center 124
Beck John Custodial Services Staff 6309 Mendenhall Bldg 127
Beeson Darlene Student Records and Registration Specialist 6102 Mendenhall Bldg 116
Beittel Rebecca P/T Faculty/Associate in Arts 6122 Gee Bldg 124
Benfield Megan Student Enrollment Technician 6761 Mendenhall Bldg 116
Benson Kim Director, Nursing Programs 6379 Mary Briggs Technology Bldg 204
Biesecker Mark Specialist, Foundation Accounting & Annual Giving 6281 Mendenhall Bldg 224
Billings Beverly Lead Counselor, Financial Aid 6227 Mendenhall Bldg 119
Black Jane P/T Prof. Staff/Coordinator, High School Programs-Jane Black 6178 Mendenhall Bldg 115
Blevins Lori Director, Admissions and Financial Aid 6240 Mendenhall Bldg 121
Bosch Gerald Faculty, History 6145 Gee Bldg N123