Speaker: Olivier Peyré - European Union, Achievements and Challenges Ahead


Tuesday, June 17, 2014 - 11:00am to 12:30pm


DCCC will be hosting a special guest from Bordeaux, France: Olivier Peyré,our partner in the "French Connection" virtual exchange program.  On Tuesday, June 17th from 11-12:30, he will present a lecture on "The European Union, Achievements and Challenges Ahead."  The presentation will be given in the videoconference room in Briggs Technology (103).  It will also be transmitted to the Davie campus.  The event is open to everyone and will count as a passport event.
In his presentation, Dr. Peyré will discuss the following:
  • Is the EU a complete success promoting democracy, a high standard of living and global governance? Based on achievements like Peace, Institutions, Education and € currency the EU could be.
  • But the EU is also facing many challenges and furthermore internal threats.
  • Comparing the EU to the USA for a clear understanding, the presentation will encompass political, economical but also global stakes assuming that what happens in Europe won't stay in Europe.