Last Updated: 

Mar 29 2018

Online Certification Course

All online instructors must successfully complete this course with a B (80%) or better to be able to teach an online course.  This online course is delivered through a Moodle course and covers online instructional design principles.  To sign up, submit the Online Certification Sign-up Web Form.


Moodle Training

Use the Moodle Training Request Web Form to sign-up for training.

Online Course

Getting Started in Moodle is an online self-paced course designed to teach faculty how to use Moodle effectively.  The course covers basic layout, navigation, editing, activities, resources and gradebook.  The course can be completed in approximately 6 hours or less.

Face to Face Sessions

Individual or small group sessions can be customized for the needs of the instructor or group.  Plan on about 4 hours for the complete training covering the topics listed above. Training can be broken up into shorter sessions over multiple days if desired.


Digital Accessibility Training

Please visit the Digital Accessibility Resources page to learn more about training options.  Mary Vance is available for one-on-one or group sessions.