Last Updated: 

Mar 29 2018

Online Certification Course

All online instructors must successfully complete this course with a B (80%) or better to be able to teach an online course.  This online course is delivered through a Moodle course and covers online instructional design principles.  To sign up, submit the Online Certification Sign-up Web Form.


Moodle Training

Use the Moodle Training Request Web Form to sign-up for training.

Online Course

Getting Started in Moodle is an online self-paced course designed to teach faculty how to use Moodle effectively.  The course covers basic layout, navigation, editing, activities, resources and gradebook.  The course can be completed in approximately 6 hours or less.


Face to Face Sessions

Individual or small group sessions can be customized for the needs of the instructor or group.  Plan on about 4 hours for the complete training covering the topics listed above. Training can be broken up into shorter sessions over multiple days if desired.