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Customized Spanish Program

Contact Information 
Wanda Ramos-McPherson
Director, Business & Industry Customized Training Programs
DCCC Davie Education Center

Mission Statement/Description
Customized or survival Spanish is a class where you learn only Spanish phrases, questions, and commands needed for specific purposes. There is no attempt to teach you the whole language. For instance, a customized Spanish class for health care professionals will present you realistic situations and the specialized vocabulary that health care professionals need to communicate with Hispanic patients in the course of their daily work. No Spanish background is necessary. Each class would include personalized questions, basic dialogue, and cultural aspects that will provide students with numerous opportunities to apply, in a variety of practical contexts.

At the end of the course, you will not be fluent in Spanish. You will be able to function in your area specific to your job. In order to become fluent in any language, at least seven years of intensive study are required.


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