Potential students are encouraged to visit the Enrollment Services Center to discuss educational and career objectives and review the necessary planning needed to support college enrollment. Or attend a Pre-Enrollment Session.

  1. Apply Online for Admissions
  2. Complete an Online FAFSA to apply for financial aid
  3. Request Transcripts from your High School or High School Equivalency and College Institutions
  4. Take Placement Tests
  5. Meet Academic Advisor
  6. Attend Orientation


Due to some programs having very specific admission requirements and others being in high demand, a special process is needed to help select candidates for these programs. The following is a list of programs with special criteria with downloadable information packets that explain how to apply and what criteria is required to be considered for the program.

Health Programs

Associate Degree Nursing Traditional Option ADN Traditional Packet
LPN - ADN Bridge Option LPN - ADN Competitive Packet
NCP RIBN NCP RIBN Admissions Packet
Nursing Assistant I Certificate NA I Information Packet
Practical Nurse Education Diploma PNE Competitive Packet
Phlebotomy PBT Information
Surgical Technology Surgical Technology Enrollment Packet

Public Safety Programs

Basic Law Enforcement BLET Schedule of Classes
BLET Application Guide
BLET Program Interest Form
BLET Admissions Policies and Procedures
Certification of Understanding
NCDMV Driving Record Request Form ($11 cost)
Request for Sponsorship for BLET
F-3 Personal History Statement

Transportation Technology Programs

Truck Driver Training Truck Driver Training Admissions Checklist
Truck Driver Training Info Session Dates

Zoo & Aquarium Science Programs

Zoo Science
Aquarium Science 
Fall 2019 packet coming soon

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