Storm Toward Success 
Storm Towards Success

DCCC offers a first-year experience that prepares students for classes and helps them develop the skills necessary to succeed at the College. This first-year experience, known on campus as Storm Toward Success, includes three parts:

  1. Orientation – This required orientation is your first contact with DCCC after admission. It’s a great introduction to the school, college life and your major of choice. It also provides an opportunity to get necessary paperwork taken care of ahead of time so you can focus on your academic success.
  2. Proactive Advising - The advising office provides students with a point of contact for all questions related to course selection and requirements for graduation. Our Starfish Early/Alert System provides faculty with a tool to alert you if they note any problems or areas of concern that could prevent your success.
  3. Student Success Course (ACA 090) – All students are required to take ACA 090, which will help you understand the actions and habits you’ll need to be successful at DCCC. The course will help you discover and understand your learning style and how to succeed using that style.