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Federal law requires financial aid students maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) and those not meeting SAP standards have financial aid suspended after a term of warning.

DCCC SAP standards include:

 GPA (Qualitative) – Earning/Maintaining a 2.0 cumalative GPA (grade point average)
• Completion Rate (Quantitative) – Completing of 67% (2/3) of all credit hours attempted
• Maximum Time Frame (Time Limit) – Completion of a program within 150% of the hours required.

Students whose financial aid has been suspended may appeal for probation. Appeals may be granted IF the suspension was the result of issues beyond the student’s control such as: injury, illness of student or death of family member, etc. We suggest students planning to appeal do the following to ensure the best information for review:

  1. Review your SAP email to determine what is showing unsatisfactory: GPA, Completion Rate or Max Time Frame.
  2. Review your DCCC StormTrac transcript to determine the semester(s) to address.
  3. Set up an appointment with your Academic Advisor through Starfish and complete the academic advising form and student success plan.
  4. Document your appeal below (you may attach additional sheets/documents as need to support the appeal) Please fill out the form below and submit or click here to download PDF.
  5. Upload the Advising Plan and any other supporting documents with the SAP Appeal form before the end of the drop/add period.
  6. If You Have Additional Documents that will not upload, you can email them to sap_appeals@davidsonccc.edu. Please include your Student ID.

Please fill out the form below and submit or click here to download PDF.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal

  • Full Name * Required
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Please explain/document, in detail, the circumstances which occurred that resulted in you not doing well in your courses. How did this impact your Satisfactory Academic Progress during the terms leading to your financial aid SAP suspension?
  • Has the issue been resolved? If YES; Explain HOW? If NO; What is your plan if the issue recurs?
  • What is your plan to get back to a Satisfactory Status if the appeal is granted?
  • Optional
  • By typing my name below I am confirming the the information I am providing is true and should be used as part of my SAP Appeal. I also understand that I am responsible for any enrollment costs and meeting any tuition payment deadlines while awaiting appeal results.
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