Teacher Assistance Education Program

Mission Statement/Description
Davidson County Community College provides the opportunity for a Teacher Assistant to meet the “No Child Left Behind” requirements by offering a combination of course work, including the 30-hour Effective Teacher Training, KeyTrain review, and testing for WorkKeys. The College also offers additional teaching methods courses to enhance the classroom skills of Teacher Assistants.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • I am a teacher's assistant. How do I meet the "No Child Left Behind" requirements?
    You can meet these requirements through a combination of course work offered at DCCC. The opportunity to review for and take the WorkKeys assessment is also available.

After completing the KeyTrain review class, 100% of Teacher Assistants successfully met the required scores for "No Child Left Behind" in reading and writing and 85 % met the required score for applied math.



Teacher Renewal Credits Program

Mission Statement/Description
Teacher Renewal Credits can be earned by enrolling in a variety of courses offered by Davidson County Community College. Continuing Education offerings include courses on-campus as well as online. Course topics are in the areas of teaching methods, working with children, developing effective classrooms, and specific subject content. Teachers should obtain TRC approval for each course from their supervisor or school system.