The Testing Center at Davidson County Community College tests students who are applying to DCCC. Placement assessments are tools that measure your skills in reading, writing, math, and general computer use. DCCC uses scores from the assessments to place you in your classes.

1) Contact your Enrollment Counselor to begin the enrollment process.

2) Find out if you may be exempt from placement testing.

3) Make an appointment:

Davidson CampusSchedule an appointment online.
Davie CampusSchedule an appointment online or call 336.224.4525. 

Note: You will need to have a DCCC college application on file and see an Enrollment Counselor prior to testing.  If you are testing after 6 p.m. or on Saturday, please contact your Enrollment Counselor for testing information. DCCC does not test for other colleges. If you will be requesting special accommodations for testing, you should first contact our Office of Disability Access Services.


Preparing for an Assessment

Access the DCCC online refresher course to prepare for your placement test.

Download and review the Accuplacer Study Guide Booklet.

Other resources you may choose to use:
1) Purchase Accuplacer review guides in the DCCC bookstore.
2) Consider the app by Accuplacer. All devices are compatible with this app: Consider studying with this on your smartphone, tablet or other device.
3) Visit the Khan Academy website for another free training resource. 

Testing Locations

If you are testing on the Davidson campus, you will report to the first floor of the Mendenhall Building.
If you are testing on the Davie campus, please report to the Davie Campus Library in the Davie Community Building.

  • Placement tests are untimed except for the essay portion which has a maximum time allowance of two hours. Be sure to schedule your appointment when you have plenty of time to devote to the assessments. Most students will need about four hours to complete all assessments. Assessment do not have to be completed all in one day but may be taken separately.
  • Bring a photo ID.
  • Please do not bring children to the test. This is a classroom environment.

After your test

Students may repeat all or part of any placement assessment. In order to qualify, a student must show documentation of remediation in the area(s) in which he/she plans to retest. Students may work with the Achieving Career and College Entry (ACE) program to review and earn enough hours to retest at any time, as long as they are not currently enrolled in the subject based curriculum class.

Here are the directions on how to access the course:

  • Go to the DCCC's Open Education page.
  • Under "Courses," click "Math Placement Refresher Review."
  • Click "Enroll."
  • Create an account
  • Click "Go to Course" to begin work

If you would like to have your placement test scores sent to another school, please complete the Placement Score Request form. There is no charge for this request and it can be faxed in, mailed in or completed in the Admission’s Office with a picture ID.

Admissions Office

B.E. Mendenhall Jr. Building
(1st floor)

Hours of Operation
Monday - Tuesday: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Wednesday - Friday: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m

Call us: 336-249-8186
Fax Number: 336-224-0240