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Partial scholarships (typically ranging from as little as $250 to no more than $1000) are available to assist students in traveling abroad through a DCCC program, and are awarded as the final payment. If awarded a scholarship, the student must pay all required out-of-pocket expenses up front by the payment deadlines in order for the scholarship to kick in.

There are specific scholarships for students in a Nursing program, as well as students in the TRiO Program!

Where are the different programs?

For 2019-20, DCCC has eligible programs in Ireland, Costa Rica, South Africa and Argentina.

Who can apply for DCCC Scholarships?

Applicants will need to…

  • complete a minimum of 12 credit hours by December 2019 and be enrolled in Spring 2020 classes.
  • commit to a DCCC study abroad program during spring or summer 2020.
  • be a current curriculum student at the time of travel, including enrollment in the trip’s accompanying course.

Preference is given to applicants showing solid academic achievement, as evidenced by a GPA of at least 2.5, and to participants in the Scholars of Global Distinction program, but consideration will be given to the entire contents of the application, especially the essay. Applicants may also be asked to interview with International Education Committee members.

Deadlines to Apply

Deadline for the Spring Break trips (Costa Rica and Ireland): September 15, 2019
Deadline for the Summer trips (South Africa and Argentina): November 17, 2019

How to Apply

Complete the application form and essay as indicated below.

Your essay should respond to the following prompt and be approximately one page long, double spaced. You will then upload your essay in a Microsoft Word or PDF document. Please include your name on the document that you upload.

  • 1) Why do you want to participate in the study abroad program you’ve chosen? 2) How would receiving this award make it possible for you to achieve your academic, professional, and personal goals? 3) How would this award help overcome obstacles that you face in pursuing study abroad? 4) If you are awarded a scholarship, what is your plan to come up with the required out-of-pocket expenses that the scholarship does not cover?

Scholarship applicants must have also completed the application for their chosen trip (see links under “Where Are the Different Programs?” above) in order to be considered for a scholarship.

Study Abroad Scholarship Application

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