General Occupational Technology: 
Associate in Applied Science Degree Program

When a student decides to seek a General Occupational Technology (GOT) degree, an Academic Advisor in collaboration with program faculty will assist the student to develop a proposed plan for the GOT program of study. The proposed GOT program of study must contain a combination of major courses from curricula offered by the College, must be designed to provide specific job knowledge and skills, and must include a minimum of 49 semester hours credit and 15 general education hours. Work experience, including cooperative education and internships, may be included up to a maximum of 8 semester hours.

The proposed GOT program of study must be submitted to the appropriate academic division for approval prior to completion of no more than 24 semester hours of credit. In the semester prior to the semester of planned graduation, the program of study must be approved by the Vice President, Academic Programs and Services. If a student who has been or will be awarded another associate degree from the College seeks a GOT degree, the GOT program of study must contain a minimum of 15 unique credit hours beyond the alternate degree.