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Frequently Asked Questions 

Course Description

Nursing Assistant I training is an extensive state approved course that includes instruction in both classroom theory and supervised clinical experience.  Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be eligible to register to take North Carolina’s state skills/written competency evaluation though PearsonVue. Conviction of certain crimes under the law may prevent a student from obtaining clinical training and/or employment.  

How do I enroll in this program?

  1. Complete the Program Interest Form and submit to the Public Safety Bldg., Office # 112
  2. Provide proof of either college credit for English or provide Accuplacer reading test scorePlease Note:  Students must be 17 years of age when class begins.

Please Note:  Students must be 17 years of age when class begins. 

When do I register for the class?

Once you complete the Program Interest Form and meet entry criteria for the class, students willbe given class schedules and will be eligible to register on a first come, first serve basis in theBusiness Office on the 2 nd floor of the Brooks Student Center. Payment for the course is dueupon registration and must be paid to hold your seat in the class (~$375 based on current rates).  

What will I learn in class?

In this application based course, students learn the basic skills used to provide care including vital signs, feeding, grooming, etc. The Course Content includes - Communication, Infection Control, Safety and Emergency Procedures, Personal Care and Grooming, Legal and Ethical Issues, Personal Care and Basic Nursing Skills, Restorative Care, Use of Restraints, Mental Health and Social Needs.  

When is the class offered?

DAVIDSON CAMPUS HYBRID – Online assignments are posted weekly. Students will also meet at the Davidson campus for some classes and all labs.

Tues/Wed/Sat Hybrid class - Classroom/Lab hours – 5:30pm-9:00pm and an occasional Saturday 8:30am–3:30pm. Clinical hours are offered 7am–2pm on the weekends.


DAVIDSON CAMPUS – Typically, two classes are offered each semester on the Davidson campus.

 Mon/Wed/Fri class - Classroom/Lab hours - 8am-12pm. Clinical hours are offered from 7am–2pm during the week.

 Mon/Thurs/Sat class - Classroom/Lab hours - 6pm-9pm and Saturday classes 8am–5pm. Clinical hours are offered 7am–2pm on the weekends.


DAVIE CAMPUS – Typically, one class is offered on the Davie campus each semester.  

 Mon/Wed/Fri - Classroom/Lab hours – 8:30am-12:30pm. Clinical hours are offered from 7am–2pm during the week.


Mon/Wed/Sat - Classroom/Lab hours - 6pm-9pm and Saturday classes 8:30am-2:30pm. Clinical hours are offered 7am-2pm on weekends.

How much does this course cost?

Registration Fee**


Technology Fee


DVD Series


Accident & Liability Insurance


CPR Certification Card

Due upon Registration



Additional Costs:


Kit * $8.75
Student Packet *(required at 1st class) $31.25

CPR Mask* (purchase at Campus Bookstore) 




Other Requirements - Costs vary and are subject to change

  • Immunizations up-to-date (see below)

  • Background check and drug screen - Investigative Associates, Winston Salem

  • White scrubs/white leather shoes

  • Manual blood pressure cuff

  • Stethoscope

  • Watch with a second hand

  • State Exam ………………$101.00

Is a high school diploma or GED required to enroll in this course?

No. However, some employers do require a high school diploma or GED for employment.   

What will I need for the first class?

White scrubs and white leather shoes are required for all classes and clinicals. The Student Packet is required at the 1st class (available at Campus Bookstore). 

Social Security card and government issued picture ID

(driver’s license/passport/military ID), signed and with first and last names matching on both forms of ID must be submitted one week before the first day of class. Laminated social security cards will not be accepted.

Immunizations Required

Students must show proof of updated immunizations as listed below. Clinical sites will not accept a doctor’s note of history of the disease. Complete immunization records must be submitted one week before the first day of class to Public Safety #112.  

Varicella (Chicken Pox) – 2 doses or positive titer (history of disease is not acceptable)
MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) – 2 doses or positive titer
Hepatitis B – series of 3 doses or positive titer
Tetanus booster (Tdap) within the past 10 years  
2 TB Skin tests completed within 1-3 weeks or Quantiferon gold titer or Chest X-ray   
Current Quadrivalent Flu for the class you will enroll in  

Where do I find childhood immunization records?

Your high school transcript, your physician, or the Health Department are good contacts.

If I have been convicted of a crime, can I still take this course?

Submission of a national background check and 12 panel urine drug screen is required for clinical. Clinical sites may or may not allow you to complete clinical training based on your criminal background and/or urine drug screen results. If any facility refuses to allow the student to participate in the clinical experience at that site as a result of those findings, the student will not be able to progress in the program. Inability to progress will result in failure of the course and removal from the program.  A criminal background check and 12 panel urine drug screen are required of students by clinical agencies once students are eligible for program entry. Specific instructions on completing this process through Investigative Associates will be provided at Orientation. National criminal background checks and 12 panel urine drug screens are due one week before the 1st day of class.

How long is the course?

The course lasts approximately 14 weeks depending on holidays and College calendar.

           116 hours of classroom and on-campus lab

           42 hours of clinical

Do I need CPR certification?

No, CPR is part of the required 158 hours of training.  Even if you currently have certification, you are required to attend the CPR training on your class schedule.

What is clinical training?

Students go to a facility with an instructor to practice the skills learned in the on-campus lab. Clinical begins about 8 weeks after the start of class for 6 days. Clinical hours are 7am-2pm.  

Employment Opportunities:

As a nursing assistant you will be able to work in long-term care (nursing homes), rest homes, and hospitals, assisted living, private sitting and home health. 


Email address:

Phone: (336) 224-4791; Fax: (336) 249-9053 Office location: Public Safety Building #112

Nursing Assistant I DVD Series

Nursing Assistant I DVD Series