Davidson County Community College develops minds, inspires imaginations, and prepares students for enhanced career and educational opportunities within a changing global environment.


Community – caring about our students, each other, and the people we serve and responding to their needs
Responsibility – teaching, modeling, and cultivating an attitude of self-direction for ourselves and our students
Change – embracing collaboration, adaptability, creativity, innovation, and risk-taking
Excellence – committing to excellence in the programs and services we offer
Trust – embodying honesty, integrity, openness, equity, inclusion, and respect for all
Passion – pursuing our mission with purpose, joy, and fun


The College is a strong and effective organization capable of addressing emerging needs:

  • Mutual trust pervades the campus climate.
  • A positive organizational climate is maintained through intentional selection and development of faculty and staff.
  • Learning, growth, and improvement are encouraged and nurtured as we adapt to change in a global environment.
  • Students, faculty, and staff assume responsibility for their own future.
  • Programs and services help build, rebuild, and move the community forward.
  • Programs and services stress learning outcomes.
  • Learning outcomes of programs and services prepare students for enhanced employment and educational opportunities.
  • The College continues to lead and partner in community and economic recovery, growth, and development.
  • International connections help expand student, faculty, and staff concepts of the changing world and our role in it.

The College’s primary focus is teaching and learning:

  • Excellent programs and services meet the needs of individuals and organizations.
  • Faculty and staff model and inspire a passion for learning.
  • Core competencies for lifelong learning are integrated into programs and services.
  • Green and sustainable practices protect our natural resources and model best practices for the local community.

Reaffirmed by the DCCC Board of Trustees, July 10, 2012