Scholars of Global Distinction Approved Courses

Approved Global Sections 

Course Name Course Title Faculty
ACC-221 Intermediate Accounting II Steve Richards
CHM-131 Introduction to Chemistry Bert Gordon & Michael Liu
COM-110 Introduction to Communication Sylvia Walters
COM-120 Intro to Interpersonal Communication Sylvia Walters
ENG-111 Expository Writing Susan Scarboro
ENG-112 Argument Based Research Jonathan Foster
ENG-114 Professional Research & Reporting Susan Scarboro
HSE-123 Interviewing Techniques  Elizabeth Schenk
HSE-210 Human Services Issues Elizabeth Schenck
HUM-115 Critical Thinking Cat Drader
HUM-220 Human Values and Meaning Cat Drader
LOG-250 Advanced Global Logistics Rodney Reece
MAT-155 Statistical Analysis Amanda Klinger
MED-114 Professional Interaction in Healthcare Katrena Wells
NUR-111 Introduction to Health Concepts K. Fuson
NUR-112 Health - Illness Concepts K. Fuson
PSY-150 General Psychology Donnell Griffin
PSY-241 Developmental Psychology Amy Holmes

Inherently Global Courses

CHI-111 Elementary Chinese I  
CHI-112 Elementary Chinese II  
ENG-262 World Literature II  
GEO-111 World Regional Geography  
HIS-111 World Civilizations I  
HIS-112 World Civilizations II  
HSC-140 Transcultural Healthcare  
HUM-120 Cultural Studies  
HUM-180 International Cultural Exploration  
INT-110 International Business  
LOG-235 Import/Export Management  
POR-111 Elementary Portuguese I  
POR-112 Elementary Portuguese II  
REL-110 World Religions  
SPA-111 Elementary Spanish I  
SPA-112 Elementary Spanish II  
SPA-211 Intermediate Spanish I  
SPA-212 Intermediate Spanish II  

Scholars of Global Distinction

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