Presenters on International Travel

 The following DCCC faculty and staff members are willing to present information to classes regarding their travels: 

Margaret Annunziata, ext. 6706 - Italy 
Susan Scarboro, ext. 6344 - China 
Sylvia Walters, ext. 6229 - Peru, Napal 
Suzanne LaVenture, ext. 6217 - Global Explorations 
Cat Drader, ext. 6361 - Greece, Mexico
Stacy Holiday, ext. 6763 - Spain, Costa Rica, Peru, Ecuador, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Australia
Colleen Thomas, ext. 6165 - Peace Corps in Tanzania

If you are willing to share your experiences related to international travel, please contact Suzanne LaVenture, Director of International Education, at ext. 6217.

International Education

Suzanne L

Suzanne LaVenture
Director, International Education
Faculty, Spanish
336.249.8186, ext. 6217

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