DCCC has two dynamic Fulbright Scholars teaching on its Davidson Campus this academic year. Valentina Diulger from St. Petersburg, Russia and Ghada Somrani from Tunis, Tunisia are spending the year living in DCCC’s Green House, teaching their native languages and sharing their culture with DCCC students. They are teaching, leading and participating in a variety of classes and events including Passport events that focus on their respective countries, coffee hours, club activities and more.

Diulger is currently teaching the following classes:

Russian (RUS 111 A), which is a foreign language course and HUM 120, which focuses on Russian culture through film.

Somrani is currently teaching the following classes:

Arabic (ARA 111 A), which is a foreign language course and Arabic for Beginners, which is a Continuing Education class.

During the Spring semester, Somrani is teaching Arabic 112 and a HUM class on Arabic culture during the day, while Diulger teaches Russian 112 and a Continuing Education course on Russian culture during the evenings. Those interested in enrolling in one of these courses should call 336.249.8186 or visit the course catalog.

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