DCCC Ambassadors

Program Mission

The Student Ambassador Program recruits qualified students to represent Davidson County Community College in a number of initiatives, serving as role models and mentors to all students. This group of trained student representatives provides the campus with an additional resource of student leaders to assist new and current students in the admissions/registration process, represent the college in outreach efforts, assist in campus wide events, and promote the image of DCCC. Student Ambassadors represent a group of positive, enthusiastic, and well-informed representatives of the student body, who are interested in working with faculty, staff and students to promote the college’s programs and services.

Mission Statement
Serve DCCC and the community through campus tours, recruitment events and service projects.  The Ambassadors embody the characteristics valued most highly by the community college

Student Ambassador Role
Student Ambassadors are trained to provide assistance at the Information Desk during peak periods, participate in visits to area high schools and college fairs to present the benefits of their community college experience, provide campus tours to future students, assist during special events and college-sponsored activities, to provide information for improving student services.

Benefits to Student Ambassadors:

-Leadership opportunities available to Student Ambassadors provide additional experience in community service, social and cultural experiences, and develop relationships with administrators on all levels;
-Training and actual experience provides opportunities to develop communication, interpersonal, organizational, public speaking, and problem-solving skills;
-Community service experience develops a sense of belonging and contributing to the community, as well as providing opportunities for personal/professional satisfaction in the knowledge that efforts have improved the lives of others;
-Resume enhancement occurs as a direct result of involvement in leadership and community service activities, which reflects positively on future applications for employment and transfer to four-year universities;
-Letters of recommendation will be made available upon request to Student Ambassadors, in appreciation for their service to the campus and the college;
-Recognition, will receive chords to be worn for graduation and Student Ambassador will be listed on transcripts to all students completing the task listed in by-laws;

Events involved in:

-Help with Orientation/Registration Assistance for new students.
-Involved in Special Olympics Davidson County including summer and winter games.
-Participate in Campus-wide Events/Activities and other Special College Events.
-Campus tours for Prospective Students.


Michael McGee
336.249.8186 ext. 6181


Jenny Ferguson
336.249.8186 ext. 6258